John Croft





Intermedio III for bass clarinet and live electronics has won the Prix Ton Bruynèl 2012.

New monodrama A FURY'S CURSES / MALÉDICTIONS D'UNE FURIE for voice, ensemble and electronics was premiered on 10 May at the Sounds New Festival. Click here to watch a short film about it. l'aura che trema received the ICMA European Section Prize at the 2011 ICMC.

'a perfect integration of instrumental properties and electronics ... a fragile equilibrium in which tension and virtuosic quality is felt during the entire composition'

(Jury, Prix Ton Bruynèl 2012)

'...a soundworld of ghostly resonances and faint musical breaths.'

(Matthew Connolly, The Times)

'Croft vastly expands the world within and without the instrument ... heart-achingly beautiful ... like stepping onto another world ...'

(Tim Rutherford-Johnson)

'John Croft's simply beautiful l'aura che trema for alto flute and live electronics, and which the former excites the latter into complex and erotic 'tails' of activity of varying detail and behaviour, entrancing.'

(Simon Waters, British Flute Society Magazine)

John Croft at Brunel University

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